Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thanks For a Great Launch

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I want to send out some thank yous and address a couple blog posts we've received.

First, I want to say thanks to Steven Cohen. We began a conversation at the PubSub table and he immediate fired up Gritwire and started beating on it. In two minutes he'd found enough small to medium sized bugs that I was sure we were soon to receive a good thrashing on his blog. Didn't happen. We fixed up a couple of the more significant issues within the next couple hours, so when we spoke later in the afternoon I was happily able to show him an already slightly better product. The Gritwire review he posted today is much appreciated. And happily again I can report that we're on top of the problems he's finding--the OPML importing feature should accept files exported from Bloglines now, and we've got some plans to make it a faster/better process soon. Steven, thanks for the post, thanks for the patience, thanks for the bug reports, keep them coming.

Another posting Steve helped prompt can be found over at TechCrunch. Again, reviews are much appreciated, so thanks Michael. Couple notes on the review: images do show up for many/most feeds, sometimes they take a second to display, and we are working on this and other formatting and display issues in the display pane of the reader; alerts should only pop up if someone requests friendship within the network, recommends a feed or article, or if a shared wiki is updated by another user--sounds like we just need to do a better job of explaining what the alert function is there for. The lambasting of the party was great :-) I've got a few simple responses. 1) I'll argue in favor of the economics of the party all day, you'd be amazed how accomodating and inexpensive a bar is when they're offered guaranteed business on a Tuesday night--thank you to The Cellar for their cooperation. 2) We ran demos all night, all of them requested, and the interest and response was excellent. 3) Hmmm...for this one I wanted to say "stop by the party next time before knocking it," but as you pointed out you were testing Gritwire out and writing the review. I appreciate that too much to criticize, so ignore 3. Sincerely, thanks for taking a look at us, and I hope we can address the problems you noted in the near future.

A bit more on the party. Thank you to all who attended. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I hope you learned some more about Gritwire. I hope some of you will be users, and others partners. Please stay in touch.

To those who have posted reviews, thank you again. To those considering posting, please do, and please let us know as specifically as possible what isn't working and what else you'd like to see in Gritwire in the future.

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My pleasure Ian. I'll keep banging on it and let you know what I find.
TRACKBACK: Der RSS-Blogger weist heute auf den neuen Newsreader Gritwire hin. Er basiert auf Flash und benötigt den aktuellen Flash Player 8 zum Anschauen. Auf den ersten Blick etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber sehr komfortabel und schnell. Ein Weblog gibt es auch dazu.
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